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Popsicles and Playtime Part 1

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There's nothing like a warm day that screams...Popsicles!!!

Noah couldn't get enough of his Popsicle's. He was loving the fact that his Aunt gave him two instead of the one his mean mom only lets him have. It was really super cute to watch him try and decide which one to eat first.

I just love when the day dawns and you can just feel that something fun is on the horizon. This day proved to be just that. With Jill here we spent almost every day outside and the kids loved it. And us parents too, because it means less mess in the house plus they get so tired they go to bed easier ;)

Don't know what Ashton was looking at, but he was so enthralled by it!!

And this one definitely needs to take some kind of gymnastics. He spent more time on his hands than his feet this trip!!

Spring Break 2011

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We are in the height of Spring Break and it has been a fantastic week! Jill and the kiddos had the same week off as us so she hightailed it up here to hang out and enjoy the weather! There is nothing like having all the sisters together! Sunday dawned and it was beautiful!!! After church we all headed to the park to let the kids burn off some energy. I tell you I just never get to the park these days. Since my friend moved away and we bought our house, it just hasn't been the same. It was nice to go!!! We brought some baseball supplies and some played while some sat and watched. I was lazy and just took pictures ;) which ya know includes a lot of sitting, lol.

While Sallie helped all our kiddos, we got to enjoy snuggling Toa. He is just a chunky bundle of joy!! He's 1 month old and bulking up fast ;)

Isabel and Maddie sat and through the ball back and forth for what seemed like forever! They were in there own little world and were so cute to watch. Maddie is good with her cousins and makes sure to spend time with each one, though due to her love of all things DS, Ethan gets a fair chunk of it ;)

The boys did a lot of this...

They were walking all over the park just visiting! It was so adorable...of course they thought they were being too cool to hang out with the little ones, but all the same it was cute!

And no picture taking day is complete without one of Matai. Just love all those curls!!!

Exploring new territory

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(October 9th-10th 2010)

My big Sis was able to come up for the weekend and there was only one thing on the agenda...Enterprise.  All of The Hubby's had to work so it was an all Girls weekend and Papa J was once again the Man of the House! We always have so much fun up there, but it is a lot funner when cousins are around. A lot less "I have nothing to do" comments. Us girls wanted to take the kids on a little adventure so Papa J suggested a hike up in Holt's Canyon. Believe me it was just what the doctor ordered...literally. Explanation later ;)

Miss Maddie and Ethan were inseparable during this little adventure. These two run on the same wave length and have a lot of fun together.

We happened to come upon a carcass of a cow and the Doctor side of Papa J sprung into action.

He went into Vet mode and happily explained the anatomy of the cow to the kids. Some were grossed out, but the majority drank it up! We found it in a dried up river bed so we had fun dreaming up how it ended up there. Possibly floated down from higher elevation was the general consensus.

We also happened to come across this little guy! I am definitely not a fan of spiders and to find a tarantula on the path just about gave me a coronary. The kids were in heaven and amazingly the spider stuck around to let them all have a look.

With all of the grand kids together I took the opportunity to snap a picture. It was a lot of work trying to get them all to hold still and look at the camera at the same time. I definitely look up to all you photographers with your mad skills. How do you do it?!? I took about 15 pictures and this was the best I could get, yikes! But aren't they just the cutest kiddos ever!!!

Afterwards we went back to the Ranch to build a fire and roast Hot Dogs. While we waited for the fire we sat around and enjoyed some apples. There is nothing like the taste of apples in the fall!! At least I remembered my Hot dog sticks this time which was a good thing since we had so many to roast. We needed every stick we could find ;)

Papa J had found some giant salt rocks for the kids and they had a lot of fun with them. They couldn't eat a bite until they had thoroughly rubbed the apple with it. How they could eat that much salt is beyond my, but kids will be kids!