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Popsicles and Playtime Part 1

Holly Pitcher1 Comment
There's nothing like a warm day that screams...Popsicles!!!

Noah couldn't get enough of his Popsicle's. He was loving the fact that his Aunt gave him two instead of the one his mean mom only lets him have. It was really super cute to watch him try and decide which one to eat first.

I just love when the day dawns and you can just feel that something fun is on the horizon. This day proved to be just that. With Jill here we spent almost every day outside and the kids loved it. And us parents too, because it means less mess in the house plus they get so tired they go to bed easier ;)

Don't know what Ashton was looking at, but he was so enthralled by it!!

And this one definitely needs to take some kind of gymnastics. He spent more time on his hands than his feet this trip!!