Treasured by Holly

Spring Break 2011

Holly PitcherComment
We are in the height of Spring Break and it has been a fantastic week! Jill and the kiddos had the same week off as us so she hightailed it up here to hang out and enjoy the weather! There is nothing like having all the sisters together! Sunday dawned and it was beautiful!!! After church we all headed to the park to let the kids burn off some energy. I tell you I just never get to the park these days. Since my friend moved away and we bought our house, it just hasn't been the same. It was nice to go!!! We brought some baseball supplies and some played while some sat and watched. I was lazy and just took pictures ;) which ya know includes a lot of sitting, lol.

While Sallie helped all our kiddos, we got to enjoy snuggling Toa. He is just a chunky bundle of joy!! He's 1 month old and bulking up fast ;)

Isabel and Maddie sat and through the ball back and forth for what seemed like forever! They were in there own little world and were so cute to watch. Maddie is good with her cousins and makes sure to spend time with each one, though due to her love of all things DS, Ethan gets a fair chunk of it ;)

The boys did a lot of this...

They were walking all over the park just visiting! It was so adorable...of course they thought they were being too cool to hang out with the little ones, but all the same it was cute!

And no picture taking day is complete without one of Matai. Just love all those curls!!!