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Week four was a doosy! Only 3 outfits to link up with


for WIWW (what I wore wednesday). My first boutique of the season plus I was slammed with sickness and what does that equal...a whole lot of pj's and sweats. But in this case I was totally justified. The hard part with being sick was that also meant I couldn't crochet. I never pick up yarn if anyone in the house is sick. Just doesn't feel right when I know most of my


are being sent to new little ones. Now, of course, I'm even more behind than before. My hope is that over the next couple of days I can catch up and have some time to enjoy Halloween festivities.

Day 2: Boutique day

tank: shade

blue tank: hollister

cardi: old navy

skinny jeans: target

boots: old navy

necklace: american eagle

bracelet: cookie lee

Day 4: Crocheting and date night

tank: shade

shirt: old navy

cardi: old navy (just got it and am in love)

pants: big star

shoes: jellypop

necklace: cookie lee

Day 6: Crocheting and errands

tank: target

cardi: old navy

skinny jeans: target

boots: mudd