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What's a few months...

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In the grand scheme of things a few months is just a blink of an eye, but in the blogger world its years. I can't believe how long it's been since I have blogged, but I kinda got took over by life and a little social thing called Instagram. Don't shoot me, but I'm loving it more than Pinterest. I know, crazy right??

Well how do I sum up a bit of whats been going Enjoy!!!


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Week four was a doosy! Only 3 outfits to link up with


for WIWW (what I wore wednesday). My first boutique of the season plus I was slammed with sickness and what does that equal...a whole lot of pj's and sweats. But in this case I was totally justified. The hard part with being sick was that also meant I couldn't crochet. I never pick up yarn if anyone in the house is sick. Just doesn't feel right when I know most of my


are being sent to new little ones. Now, of course, I'm even more behind than before. My hope is that over the next couple of days I can catch up and have some time to enjoy Halloween festivities.

Day 2: Boutique day

tank: shade

blue tank: hollister

cardi: old navy

skinny jeans: target

boots: old navy

necklace: american eagle

bracelet: cookie lee

Day 4: Crocheting and date night

tank: shade

shirt: old navy

cardi: old navy (just got it and am in love)

pants: big star

shoes: jellypop

necklace: cookie lee

Day 6: Crocheting and errands

tank: target

cardi: old navy

skinny jeans: target

boots: mudd

New items and Boutiques

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So I decided to start selling a few of my recent custom items. I just love when people come up with great and unique ideas.

First is the Mango Emma flower clip. I instantly fell in love with it the minute it was finished and thought you all would as well.

Next is the Mustard colored Mini Emma Clip. Isn't it perfect for fall! I think so!

And finally is the Poodle Pink Newsboy cap with a Hot Green Felicity Flower. Super cute!

Also Boutiques are fast approaching and I can't believe it! It feels like I just wrapped up that season, but here we are again. My first one will, I believe, will be around Septemeber 18th. Which means I am going to be super busy getting my inventory where it should be. I sort of took the summer off and my cupboards are looking a little bare.

But what this also means is that I will be offering some discounts after all is said and done. So look forward to that!