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Tuesday Tips

Holly Pitcher1 Comment
For years I was struggling with getting my children to practice their vocabulary list. You would think with that being the only Homework they ever bring home it wouldn't be so bad. They attend a Montessori school that goes through 6th grade and the best part is they finish everything at school, the bad part...I'm a little afraid for when they enter main stream and actually have homework, lol.

Needless to say I have had to get creative with their vocab lists. Luckily Cheese Its crackers bailed me out.

Their Scrabble Crackers have literally taken vocab time from boring to fun plus it includes snack time...PERFECT!! They have to spell out each word on their list and when they are finished they practice a couple more times (I re-arrange them) then they get to eat it. So much fun and so far has not become old...thank goodness!!