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I'm linking up again with Lindsey for week 3 of WIWW (what I wore wednesday). I was crazy busy this week and to be totally honest I missed 2 days and ran out of time to take my picture for the other one, lol. Most of these were taken by people who just happened to be in the vicinity. Love helpers!!!

Day 1: Errands

tank: old navy
cardi: hollister
skinnys: old navy
boots: old navy
bracelet: gap

Had to get a close up of my bracelet. This is by far my most favorite piece at the moment. So much fun, but doesn't pair to well with crocheting. Kept getting my yarn caught, lol.

Day 2: Photography sessions for work and my bff

Knew I needed a pic so as soon as the session was over I asked my bff if she could hurry and snap one of me. Not to bad without a mirror :)

tank: shade
shirt: american eagle
jeans: seven
shoes: soda

Day 5: Church

shirt: banana republic
skirt: banana republic
belt: target
bracelet: h&m
shoes: mudd
bobby pin: me - treasuredbyholly

I am so excited about these little babies! Just started making them this last weekend so they're not up in my shop yet, but very soon. They are literally going to save me from all of my bad bang days, yay.

Day 6: working from home

Outside enjoying the beautiful fall afternoon I had miss Maddie take the pic. After about 20 she figured it out. Think its about time for some photog lessons. Then she can help me out before the day is over and kid stains cover my shirt :)

tank: old navy
shirt: gap
shorts: american eagle
sandals: paprika

Now that's its been 3 weeks does that mean a habit is in place???