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Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips

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For years I was struggling with getting my children to practice their vocabulary list. You would think with that being the only Homework they ever bring home it wouldn't be so bad. They attend a Montessori school that goes through 6th grade and the best part is they finish everything at school, the bad part...I'm a little afraid for when they enter main stream and actually have homework, lol.

Needless to say I have had to get creative with their vocab lists. Luckily Cheese Its crackers bailed me out.

Their Scrabble Crackers have literally taken vocab time from boring to fun plus it includes snack time...PERFECT!! They have to spell out each word on their list and when they are finished they practice a couple more times (I re-arrange them) then they get to eat it. So much fun and so far has not become old...thank goodness!!

Tuesday Tips

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This last weekend we were given the privilege of babysitting these precious little ones...

We all had so much fun playing with them. So, of course, there was no keeping them pent up in the bathroom. I was constantly finding them with the kiddos in various rooms of the house.

My bedroom being the main area. Well with six little puppies comes a lot of little puddles. I was constantly trying to keep up with there accidents. I hit the net for some quick tips and came across this cute little printable over at Tip Junkie...

Now there wasn't a tip for pet urine, but I still fell in love. And what a cute idea to frame it and hang it in the laundry smart!!

Tuesday Tips

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I know I'm not the only one who's fans look like this...actually mine look a lot worse, lol. I never want to clean them because it makes the worst mess. Well I came across this great tip and I just had to share. Hopefully it will entice you to clean your fans like it did for me :)

All you need = Pillowcase

Tuesday Tips

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As soon as someone knows that I crochet the first thing they say is, "that is so hard". You know I used to be one of those people. I started crocheting, or what I thought was crocheting, when my Grandma Jacobson showed me how to chain around the age of 10. And you know what...I could chain with the best of them. I didn't realize til much later that there was a lot more to crocheting than I originally thought.

Wanting to actually make something (like hats) I knew I would have to learn how to crochet. One of the best resources I found was YouTube. There is nothing like a video to show you exactly what you need to be doing. Especially since my wonderfully talented Grandma is no longer around to show me.

Many years and video's later there are still some things that I struggle with. One was the "Magic Ring", "Adjustable Ring" or "Magic Loop". Have you ever fought and struggled and ripped and re-ripped both your yarn and hair, trying to make your starting round neat and tidy with a center hole as small as possible? Well I have. And maybe, just maybe, that unsightly center hole has even kept you from crocheting in the round at all. Well, no more. Now you will be armed with the trusty (some might even say magic) adjustable ring and you will be dancing circles around those circles.
Be forewarned—once you have made an adjustable ring, you will never be the same. You may never go back to other ways of making a ring. I know I haven’t. I found this video and it literally changed my life. It's short and to the point and will have you re-thinking the start of every "in the round" project.