Treasured by Holly

Being Unique

Holly PitcherComment
In a business like mine it is hard to be unique.  It seems that every day someone has copied my work, called it their own, and makes a profit. To stand out among all the competition is always a bit daunting, but not impossible.
On our recent family vacation my daughter fell in love with hunting. Hunting seashells that is. Every moment we could find her on the beach collecting little shells. All of them were the exact same kind except one. This one little shell was so beautiful and a league all its own. And that got me thinking. Yeah there could be hundreds of items that look like mine, but they won't be from me. For I am unique and everything I make comes directly from me. So there may be copycats, but if you look extra hard you will find the subtle difference that is Treasured by Holly! And to say thank you to all my loyal customers I am offering another Giveaway. So check out my Giveaway page for all the details, Good Luck!