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New Year and my 1000 Fan Giveaway

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Wow what a year it's been. I can't believe that 2011 has come a gone. I feel as if it passed me by in such a whirlwind that it's hard for me to nail down exactly what occurred. Does anyone else feel that way? Well in order to slow down a bit I've found a quote that is going to become my motto for 2012.

 I found it on my fav site Pinterest and then paid for the full resolution copy (here if you want your own) to put up on my wall. I framed it and placed it in my kitchen so I can see it every day and remember to keep me focused.

With my business keeping my hopping in 2011 I didn't have a lot of time to create and actually add those products into my shop. I'm hoping to do a lot more of that this year :) and plan on dedicating a lot more of my time to streamlining my shop and of course my products. I can't thank all of you enough for supporting me in this great adventure I am in and allowing me to continue doing something that I love. I often get asked if I'm sick of crocheting yet and I'm happy to report...not even close!!!

The best news of this new year is that I hit 1000 fans on Facebook. This has been one of my goals for awhile and I am just ecstatic that it finally came to pass. In order to say thanks I thought I would offer a little giveaway.

How does a $30.00 gift certificate sound??

1. You must be a fan of Treasured by Holly. Leave a comment below after you have done that. (Please include your FULL name. E-mail addresses are not necessary.)

2. SHARE this giveaway on your personal Facebook page by posting the blog link, or updating your status with a tag to my fan page. Leave a 2nd comment below after you have done that. (Don't forget to include your FULL name.)

You have until Sunday the 8th to enter and I will post the winner Monday morning. Good luck and I can't wait to see who wins!!!

Giveaway to Help Treasured by Holly get more Followers and Facebook Likes

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Here's how to win:

The more friends you refer, the more you could win

Be the person who refers the most fans and win

Top Prize:
$40 Gift Certificate to
Treasured by Holly

Runner Up:
$20 Gift Card to
Treasured by Holly

You have until September 30th to be the person that refers the most people. Make sure they know to like the page and become a follower and not just your comments.

Once it's over count up your totals and let me know by leaving a comment below.

Good Luck!

Here is the link to Facebook:

Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways!

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Don't we all just love Giveaways! I know I do and that's why I am constantly on the lookout for ways to win free stuff. Well I recently stumbled on a new Giveaway site similar to My Giveaway Today, but different. It's called Dandy Giveaway and let me just say it's pretty darn awesome. Right not they have are giving away a dress from Shabby Apple (a store I just love). So you all should head over and see all the stuff you can win I know I fell in love with most of it.

Get Ready, Get Set, Almost Go...

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So it's almost here only hours away until my feature at My Giveaway Today. It's been 6 weeks in the making and I am so anxious to see how it will turn out. I never realized how long it would take to actually be featured, which is a good thing, I guess. Hopefully it means they have a large following and therefore I will, too. This owning my own business thing has been fun, but it's also a bit stressful when it comes to advertising. Sometimes you just have to jump into the belly of the beast and hope you survive.

So I'm asking you, my faithful followers, please support me tomorrow. Tell your friends, family, coworkers anyone you can about the Giveaway and my little crochet business. I would so appreciate it!

Want to know what I'm giving away, well here you go:
3 gift certificates of $45.00, $25.00 and $15.00 toward any items in my shop.

Plus my Emma Flower Clip Pairs will be 40% off tomorrow only. So if you were thinking of buying some now is a great time!

If your interested follow this link My Giveaway Today starting at 12:02 am and ending at midnight. Good Luck!