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Ever since the movie the Bucket List came out I have had these thoughts about what would be on mine. I haven't actually written anything down...which I know is part of the process, but seeing as I don't have to many at the moment its okay ;)

One of the things that I've wanted to do is donate my hair to locks of love. And I wanted to do it before I started going grey. Reason being I have never colored my hair except for once in 1998 when I put some highlights in and never kept them up. I love the color of my hair (vain I know) and my biggest fear is finding the color to match once the inevitable happens. This is where Locks of love comes in. For some reason I thought you could only donate untreated hair so I figured this is the time to donate, ya know before the coloring starts, but I was wrong. They take just about every kind! That was nice to find out ;)

Well, anyway, with my business I get a lot of customers wanting hats as gifts for those who have lost their hair ie cancer, disease, etc. And I always feel so blessed to be able to help in some small way, but I wanted to do more. And Locks of Love was the perfect answer. So I placed it on my bucket list and started to let my hair grow. And beleive me it was way to long for me...I was going crazy! I don't know how people do it. My last straw was when the wind was blowing like crazy and I went to get in the car and after I shut the door found it was caught in the door...ouch! I am happy to say that I was able to check something off of my Bucket list ;)

So here is the before...

And here's the after...

I must say I love it!! It is so easy and so much faster to do. I have the thickest hair on the planet and it would take forever to blowdry now it's all of 5 minutes and I am in Heaven!! Who knew ;)

The Descison has been Made...

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First of all I want to wish all of the newbies WELCOME to my little blog!! I feel so very blessed to have all of you checking in and following me on my little journey. The #1 question I get asked is how do I do all of the things I do. My Family, church, business all take up vast amounts of time and if I were to be truly honest I would show you pictures of my house in its current state. That would prove to all of you exactly what falls to the wayside because of "all the things I do".

Because of all the things that are sliding past I need to make a change. And the first place I'm going to start....blogging. I am not new to the blogging scene. I have been at it since 2006, back when life was simpler and a lot more relaxed. With my business I decided to start this blog so that I could keep them separate, but it's just not working. I have a personal blog, business blog, Etsy shop, Bigcartel site, 3 separate email addresses and of course Facebook. Needless to say my time is becoming more and more valuable!! My blogs are the ones that are suffering and I went from blogging all the time on my personal site to once every couple of months. So bad!!!! So if you wouldn't mind...I really need to consolidate. This coming year will bring some big changes including a Treasured by Holly iPhone app, a brand new website for my store, and the combining of my blogs.

So hopefully I will not bore you with my day to day ramblings and my family's little escapades. And all can look forward to my Fitness Fridays posts...oh the joys of taking off a few pounds ;) and me playing catch up from my other blog. And I will look forward to spending the extra time with my cute little ones that are growing up too fast!!!

I am still alive...

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Sorry for disappearing the last couple of weeks. I had my first wholesale order and it has kind of buried me. Wholesaling seems like such a great idea but I never realized the amount of time it would take to supply such a large order in such a short amount of time. Especially over the summer with all the kiddos at home. I realize that balancing your day is the key to success in any endeavor, but these last few weeks I have totally thrown that idea out the window. Usually I set aside a few hours a day dedicated to my work so the rest of the day I can spend playing, but these days I find myself multitasking. Inviting friends over to visit, sitting by the pool, even watching a movie with my hubby is all spent crocheting in order to finish this order. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for this opportunity, but at least I have learned what I am really capable of and what my terms will be for the next one.

On a lighter note I have come up with some really cute ideas for some Holiday flowers and I can't wait to get them made and posted. So stay tuned for those :)

Being Unique

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In a business like mine it is hard to be unique.  It seems that every day someone has copied my work, called it their own, and makes a profit. To stand out among all the competition is always a bit daunting, but not impossible.
On our recent family vacation my daughter fell in love with hunting. Hunting seashells that is. Every moment we could find her on the beach collecting little shells. All of them were the exact same kind except one. This one little shell was so beautiful and a league all its own. And that got me thinking. Yeah there could be hundreds of items that look like mine, but they won't be from me. For I am unique and everything I make comes directly from me. So there may be copycats, but if you look extra hard you will find the subtle difference that is Treasured by Holly! And to say thank you to all my loyal customers I am offering another Giveaway. So check out my Giveaway page for all the details, Good Luck!