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There is nothing like a rose to make anyone feel special. That is what I had in mind when I created this beautiful Rose Headband (shown in Hot Pink). From newborn to adult this soft rose is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Crocheted with highest quality mercalized cotton yarn.

The double strand of the headband joins at both tips for easy tying. Using it as a headband there is no need to untie each time; once tied, slip it on and off with ease. Because of the nature of the tied headband one size pretty much fits all, but to better customize there are two sizes available.

The flower measures around 2 1/4", but since they are all individuals that measurement varies with each one.

I am so excited about these headbands and have had a lot of fun wearing them as well as putting them on the girls :)

Here a few more colors

Steel Grey


Color Chart:


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This week was crazy full of warm and cold weather. I love the colder weather because I love pants and sweaters. And so when the weather couldn't decide what it was doing I had a hard time as well. I only have a couple of pics this week, but here's to trying harder next week :)  But even though I was only able to achieve pics twice this week I am still having fun participating in the WIWW challenge!!

Day 1: working from home and date night

cardi - old navy
tshirt - shade
jeans - old navy
scarf - maurices
boots - mudd

Here's a close up of my newsboy cap. Colors are espresso and olive, my favorites!!

Day 2: church

shirt - downeast
skirt - downeast
boots - mudd
scarf - my sisters :)

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I have been working on a few new things lately and I wanted to share one that I'm super in love with...introducing the

Three Rosette Headband

At only $12.00 this sweet little trio of roses would be the perfect accessory for any occasion. The center rose measures about 1 inch, but since they are all individuals that measurement varies with each one. Made out of 100% mercerized yarn and 1/8" skinny elastic these custom headbands will be made to fit standard head circumference for age of child unless exact measurements are provided in comments.

Sizes available are:

newborn-13 1/4"

0-3 months-14"

3-6 months-14 1/2"

6-12 months-16"

12 months-teen-17 1/2"


Right now I only have this red one listed, but I will be adding more colors over the next couple of weeks.

Fun purchase

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I have had a few ideas floating around in my head recently for some new products. The final step is searching for the perfect yarn do go along with them. Well, think I may have found them!

I'm thinking a few beanies and a couple of headbands are in the queue. I can't wait to get started and I'll be even more excited to see them photographed. The question remains...where will I put it. I have yarn tucked in every cranny of this house. Hopefully, it won't stay put for long, lol!

My word....

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I can not believe it has been so long since my last post. This summer has just flown by and I am left sitting here wondering where the time has gone. Life has been crazy busy and it seems like I am barely staying afloat. Sometime in mid July I looked at my fridge and saw this...

I hadn't even had time to change my calendar out...yikes!!! Well now we're well into August and as I looked at my fridge again I've yet to change the calender. One day at a time right?

In all the hullabaloo I did manage to come up with a little something that I'm super excited about...

And to top it off I realized my Zumba instructor is one amazing photographer!!! Amber of Carly Grace Photography was able to capture my newest creation just perfectly...

Isn't this little guy just scrumptious?

Hibernation is over

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I have wanted to make some fuzzy bears beanies for what seems like forever and I thought now is as good a time as any. Yeah, I know it's like 103 where I live, but here's to the future and the cold the winter brings.But for today let's celebrate the fact that hibernation is over and Bear's are out to play ;)