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There is nothing like a rose to make anyone feel special. That is what I had in mind when I created this beautiful Rose Headband (shown in Hot Pink). From newborn to adult this soft rose is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Crocheted with highest quality mercalized cotton yarn.

The double strand of the headband joins at both tips for easy tying. Using it as a headband there is no need to untie each time; once tied, slip it on and off with ease. Because of the nature of the tied headband one size pretty much fits all, but to better customize there are two sizes available.

The flower measures around 2 1/4", but since they are all individuals that measurement varies with each one.

I am so excited about these headbands and have had a lot of fun wearing them as well as putting them on the girls :)

Here a few more colors

Steel Grey


Color Chart: