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Those of you that know me as in see me daily, weekly, or monthly. Know that I usually hang out in sweats or pj bottoms pretty much everyday. I mean, seriously, all I do is crochet and work around the house so whats the need to get dressed up? Well lately I'm feeling like a total slob. I have closet full of fun things and only wear them occasionally. And you know its bad when your Hubby points it out.

I need to change and I'm going to use one of my favorite bloggers to help me. Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy came up with an amazing idea called "What I Wore Wednesday". Here is a recent post from her blog that helps explain:

hey friends!
welcome again to wiww (“what i wore wednesday”), where i use all of you to keep me accountable to getting out of my pj’s and getting dressed every day. i am honored that so many of you have taken the plunge with me in this adventure. if you’re a little leery of linking up, its hard at first but gets much easier as the weeks go by. same goes for taking self portraits. its amazing how embarrassed i can get all by myself! but it, too, gets easier. join in – you’ll find you will get a little more creative with your clothes, and you’ll feel better about yourself than if you stayed unshowered and undressed all day – i promise!

So, today, I am starting this challenge and every Wednesday I will post what I wore and then link up to The Pleated Poppy to show I participated. Hopefully this will help me be accountable to becoming more fashionista instead of frumpy momma.
Wish me luck and better yet join in the fun!!