Treasured by Holly

Holly PitcherComment

The one thing that has changed my world as of late is this little bundle of joy!

Being only 1 point for every 2 ounces = a whole lot of turkey! I usually just cut 6 ounces for 3 points, slice it up, sprinkle some salt, add some veggies and I'm ready to go. Or on other days I will cut smaller portions and have a great sandwich or use it for snacking. Either way it has really helped me get through this week.
This week, rocked! I have done really well and have lost 1.5 :) So excited about that!! I know my weight loss will be slow seeing as I'm almost to my goal. I'll be happy with anything in the negative column.
I have been so busy this week filling orders and trying to prepare Maddie's birthday party. I'm sure that helped keep my mind off of the bad stuff. I guess that could have gone either way, too, since I am well known for stress eating. But, here's to keeping it positive and diving into week two :)