Treasured by Holly

Holly PitcherComment

Wow, two weeks flies by so fast and I have been meaning to post my results, but I had so much to write about with the post few posts I put this off. Last week I was down -2.7 and I was so excited about that!! This week I followed that loss with a a big fat zero. Which is okay with me ;)

I am back into running every day and I'm topping out at about 2 1/2 miles. I've also started back at Zumba and am trying to go at least twice a week, but am hoping to go three. I really enjoy it and the ladies are super fun.

The big news is I won my biggest loser default, but I'll take it :) My sister-in-law had to back out and seeing as I'm the only other competitor...I win!!! YAY!!! I was about 2 lbs from the 15 lb mark anyway, but it's good to be done. I am now ready to stop dieting and maintain. I am really happy with  where I'm at and am looking forward to this time. I've never really had to maintain before so this is new territory, but I will keep up with my Fit Friday posts as more of an informational post. Hopefully fun recipes, tips and tricks and other great information I can find.