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Blessings, Birthdays and Baptisms (part 4)

Holly PitcherComment
Well we rounded out the week with the greatest event of all...Bryce's baptism. 

He was so was Noah (who that he was getting baptized as well). I told him that he could have anybody he wanted help out for his special day and wouldn't ya know it...he wanted me to give a talk. I was happy to do this for him and thankfully it was a talk on Baptism so I wasn't too worried about that one :)
Papa J helped by giving the opening prayer and along with Uncle Ron served as the witnesses for the Baptism. Along with my talk I recited this little poem and then gave each of them (he shared his baptism with his friend Neal) a copy and their very own white towel. Here's the handout I designed for each of the boys:

After we all headed back to the house for a BBQ and swimming celebration (ya know with the pool still warm from the birthday party) We all a great time, but Bryce especially. He truly felt loved and we truly feel blessed to be able to have him in out little family. Congrats Bryce!!!