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A better ending...

Holly Pitcher4 Comments
Have you ever had a day start out like this?

But thankfully ended up like this?

That was my day yesterday!!! Little ones left alone for just minutes means big trouble in my house. I was answering some email when my Nephew came to tell me about what happened. He's almost three so it was a sparse conversation, but he got his point across. Needless to say toys were thrown away and there was  a lot of scrubbing involved, but it's clean now.

Part of the reason I had my Nephew's with me was so that their beautiful Mommy could welcome this new little one into the world. My little Sis is one of the most amazing women in this world. Pregnancy, nor birth for that matter, even faze her. As soon as I was able I rushed to the hospital to meet the little guy and to try on a few new products I have coming. I haven't had this much access to a Newborn in awhile so it was fun to play dress up ;) So this is little Toa (meaning chief and subject to change) only a few hours old. Isn't he just precious!!! The best part is he will become my new little model here pretty soon. I can't wait!!