Treasured by Holly

Hot in Arizona

Holly PitcherComment
My lovely older sister moved to Arizona a bit ago and last weekend I took a few of the kiddos and went for a visit. Of course, for me, it was not all play seeing as I was going to be surrounded by the best models ever (besides mine of course). And with having a few new cameras to try out I just couldn't pass up the chance.

I was in dire need of some product shots of my Henry Beanie and with 3 boys to chose from it was fantastic! Of course asking them to dress warm under the HOT Arizona sun was a bit much, but we all survived! Thanks "J" for letting me take the time to snap the shots!

And I just had to include little "I" in the shoot. I just love her and with three brothers to contend with it was fun to bring out the girly side!

(This is a new flower clip that will be up for sale soon)