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Hibernation is over

Holly Pitcher1 Comment

I have wanted to make some fuzzy bears beanies for what seems like forever and I thought now is as good a time as any. Yeah, I know it's like 103 where I live, but here's to the future and the cold the winter brings.But for today let's celebrate the fact that hibernation is over and Bear's are out to play ;)

Baby in a Bucket

Holly Pitcher1 Comment

I had the pleasure to make some more hats for

Christina P Photography

and I am tickled pink with how they turned out!! I just love how this one turned out...

and as one of friends recently said...wouldn't it be nice if babies showed up like that and we were able to skip the whole pregnancy/birth thing. At least for me...not the fondest memories for me, but absolutely love the final result ;)

Here are the rest...what do ya think?