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Fun times

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I was able to snag one of my cousins while she was in town for a photoshoot. I must say it's not very often that I have a blonde hair, blue eyed beauty at my fingertips. Talk about a bunch of wardrobe changes, but it was all worth it. Now if I could get her Mom to bring down the rest of her sisters for Thanksgiving I would be set!!

Newest Recruit

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Miss "L's" mother contacted me to whip up a little something for her Birthday. She wanted an Ava hat in Espresso with a Black Ava Flower. I was just thrilled, but of course it came with a catch. She would have to model it for a shoot. Luckily Miss "L" was happy to oblige ;) Isn't she just gorgeous!!

I just love my beautiful Young Women and their willingness to help out my business. Thanks "L" you were perfect today!

Super Cute!

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I received some shots back from my friend who is the amazing mother of two really cute little boys. I asked her to take a few shots for my Etsy site and they turned out just perfect. Why wouldn't they when the Models are so adorable. This tractor shot is by far my favorite mainly because of the tractor. It is super cool!!

Check out the baby blues on this little guy. One word...Wow!

Fun photoshoot!

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I spent the afternoon with my lovely girls trying to get some product shots for Etsy. I just love when I get to shoot them because we end up laughing the entire time. I can't believe they are growing up right before my eyes. Oh how I wish I could freeze time!

And the Ava Hat is now up for sale! I'm selling them as a Flower/Hat Combo since they look so cute together!

Such dolls!

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My BFF let me borrow her beautiful girls for a photo shoot yesterday and they were such cuties! I couldn't get enough of her little baby. Every time we wanted her to smile she wouldn't, but as soon as the camera was turned off out they came. It was hilarious.

Thanks J!

Fun photoshoot!

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My little niece hung out with me this morning and let me snap a few product photos. For being only 3 she amazed me with how good she was. She sat, stayed and smiled at all the right times. I just love her!