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The creative process

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I don't know how many times I have mentioned the fact that it is so so hard for me to come up with colors. I blog hop all the time and find myself in awe of all the creative minds out there. I wish I was born with that as a natural talent, but it was not meant to be. So I must to do it the hard way...research! I visit many of my favorite clothing shops to see whats in and I ask my friends input as well. Spring is swiftly on its way and I really want to get some more pictures with my Ava Beanies so I asked a friend if her daughter would model. After she said yes, I headed over to her house to rummage through the closets. I was super excited with what she had. And with what I bought my daughter at Target the other day, I can not wait for this photo shoot.

It took me a couple of hours (and a whole lot of space) to lay everything out and decide which direction I wanted to go. Luckily it all came together in the end and here is a little sneak peek of what is coming...

Now to find the time to whip them all up! This isn't even a third of what I will be making so I definitely have a lot to do. But luckily my excitement is pushing me forward!!!

Color Blockage

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This last week I have seriously had some major blockage in the brain. I wanted to get out some new products, but every time I sat down I just can't decide on what colors to use. I find myself staring at people clothes (especially little girls) for color schemes. I am constantly asking the hubby what he thinks and he is seriously sick of it, but that's what happens when you do what I do.

Come Friday I finally had a breakthrough (thanks to a friends' suggestions) and this is what I came up with: 

And for some 4th of July fun:

So in order to help my color blockage in the future. What are some of your favorite color combinations?