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The Desert Tortoise

Holly Pitcher2 Comments
It's always a fun day when we get a call from Papa J saying he's got some fun animals to see. The BLM brought a few Desert Tortoise's in for testing and another one that had been run over. Noah was quite fascinated with them and Bryce was so excited he could hardly stand it. Especially when he was able to hold one.

This little guy was hit by a car and when  they brought him in he was missing a few important pieces to his shell. Luckily when the workers went back to the scene of the crime they were still there. My Dad was able to piece him back together and once healed he will be released back into the wild.

Before we left he showed the kids how Turtles tuck into their shells for protection. They sure got a kick out of that one and I don't think the Turtle minded hiding ;)