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My word....

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I can not believe it has been so long since my last post. This summer has just flown by and I am left sitting here wondering where the time has gone. Life has been crazy busy and it seems like I am barely staying afloat. Sometime in mid July I looked at my fridge and saw this...

I hadn't even had time to change my calendar out...yikes!!! Well now we're well into August and as I looked at my fridge again I've yet to change the calender. One day at a time right?

In all the hullabaloo I did manage to come up with a little something that I'm super excited about...

And to top it off I realized my Zumba instructor is one amazing photographer!!! Amber of Carly Grace Photography was able to capture my newest creation just perfectly...

Isn't this little guy just scrumptious?

Hibernation is over

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I have wanted to make some fuzzy bears beanies for what seems like forever and I thought now is as good a time as any. Yeah, I know it's like 103 where I live, but here's to the future and the cold the winter brings.But for today let's celebrate the fact that hibernation is over and Bear's are out to play ;)

Baby in a Bucket

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I had the pleasure to make some more hats for

Christina P Photography

and I am tickled pink with how they turned out!! I just love how this one turned out...

and as one of friends recently said...wouldn't it be nice if babies showed up like that and we were able to skip the whole pregnancy/birth thing. At least for me...not the fondest memories for me, but absolutely love the final result ;)

Here are the rest...what do ya think?

Christina P Photography

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My new partnership with Christina P Photography just has me smiling from ear to ear! Not only is she a great photographer, but she's in the same town. So it's a win/win situation for someone like me. I always want to come up with new stuff, but without great pictures for Etsy it doesn't always equate to more sales. The number one advice to sell on Etsy is pictures, pictures, pictures! They really are worth a thousand words and will most definietly increase your sales!!! Here are a few of our latest collaboration's...

Felicity Headband in Abbey Rose
She's actually taking our Family pic's this Monday and I am so excited!!! I have been planning forever and I can't wait to see the finished results. I mean our last family pic's were taken 2 years ago...sad!!

Love it!!!

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I just received some photos back from an amazing photographer (and new mommy) Jessica Alston. She purchased some products from me late last year for her new little one. As soon as I found out she was a photographer I, of course, sent some extra products along for pictures! Super cute don't ya think!!!