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Monday's Discoveries

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Great Finds To Start Your Week
Monday, Monday it’s almost time, don't be late!
The dash is on to decorate!
Among other things.
Sorry but my rhyming skills are only good for two lines, lol
If Mondays are not usually your favorite day,
I thought I'd make them a little brighter.
Each Monday I post a great new find.
With the help of Etsy and my new addiction Pinterest, of course.

This Monday it’s....

Crayon Initials

What a fun little "frugal" project this is. It would be great as teachers gifts or would be super cute in a child's bedroom. You should definitely head over to the Frugal Life Project for all the details. I just love peoples creativity!!

A new place to sleep

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We were doing a bit of remodeling this summer so the kids were pretty much kicked out of their bedrooms. Having only the Family room to play in certainly put their imaginations to the test. The kids enlisted The Hubby to help them build a little fort to sleep. It became pretty elaborate to say the least, but the kids had a blast. They slept in it til I couldn't take it anymore and tore it down. I'm such a mean least I was that day, lol.

Gone Wormin'

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Conference weekend = Enterprise! But in reality what weekend doesn't = Enterprise ;) We didn't know when we were going to head up so we left it up to the kids. Sleep over one night or two...of course they said two, so two it was. We spent Friday night getting an old stump from the side of the road and dragging it back to the swing set. During that adventure Bryce found an earth worm and after that the kids were occupied for quite some time. They couldn't get over the amount of "poop" that came out of that little worm....gross! Oh the minds of children!!!

After a thorough hand washing we all settled in to watch Tangled.  We all just love that movie and it was fun to share it with Mama and Papa J who had yet to see it. 

Saturday came with French Toast, Conference, and an Ice Cream at Marv's while the men were at their meeting. The kids would say the best part was the Mexican Pizza I made for dinner. I don't make it often and I don't know why that is. We all just love it and it's rare that there is a meal that every single family member loves. Or, is that just our family? Sunday was more of the same...good food, inspiring instruction, and lots of fun. Except one thing...we woke up to super cold weather...what?!?!?!

All in all it was a fun, relaxing weekend and we can never have too many of those!!!