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New find

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Easter is on it's way and I was in desperate need of something fun for my boys. I don't know how anybody else feels, but I always get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I show up to church and there are like 5 boys wearing the same thing as mine. I know there aren't a lot of options out there for boys especially in this small town, but I found one amazing exception in this little town of mine and she's on Etsy!!

She is the sweetest thing and what does she make...ties, ties, ties!! I was super excited to learn that she was local and she even rushed it so that I could get them in time for family pics ;) What I got were these:

One for the little boy:

And one for the bigger boy (it ties like a regular tie):

This is vintage houndstooth that she found at an estate cool!!! The best part I was the first one to buy these so here's hoping I can avoid any weird feelings this Easter, hahaha!!! If you have boys you should totally go and check out her site!! Super fun materials ;)

Beanies for the Boys

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Seeing as how I am a mother of not only two girls, but two boys as well. I thought it was high time to start dedicating some of my crocheting time to them. It's so easy to get lost in the flowers and headbands. Well after much thought these are two of my new styles just for the boys.

The Henry Beanie:

The Thomas Beanie:

Hopefully I'll have most of the color options finished soon so that I can get them listed on Etsy. Wish me luck!