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Scalloped Ava Beanie

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Introducing my newest style of Beanie...the Scalloped Ava Beanie. I am so excited about this one!!! It has a very feminine edge that is sure to compliment any outfit...a great buy for spring. I can make it from Newborn to Adult and you can choose between 40 colors...give or take!

On a another note this was the first shoot that I was able to use the Manual mode on my camera. I have taken class after class and after a year it finally just clicked. I am so very happy that I have finally figured it out. It makes editing so much easier and will definitely cut down my computer time ;)

Maddie was so much fun to shoot and she really got into the whole thing! She absolutely loved this dress (from Target) and I must is so cute!!


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So at 5 days old my little nephew became my newest hat model. Luckily I had one of my hometowns premier photographers to do the job. Christina is one amazing lady and has such an eye for detail. If you have a chance you should head over to Christina P Photography and check out her work...amazing!!!

Anyway this is little Toa and I got the meaning of his name wrong (in an earlier post) it means warrior, not chief. Whoops!! He has been such a good little boy and he is the sweetest/cutest little baby. I just can't enough of him!!!

I am absolutely in love with all of these pics and can't wait to get them up on my site!!


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The Ava Beanie

My newest Beanie is super cute and fun to make. It is not too hot and can be worn year round! I made one up for my daughter and I can't get her to take it off. So it's definitely girl approved! I've yet to have it in a photo shoot, but soon I promise! Because it looks so adorable on. This hat is in the color Azalea and is the same color that I made for my daughter. I also made up a Hot Green Felicity Flower to go with it so look forward to that one from the photoshoot. Hopefully I will have it up on Etsy very soon!