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Hand Exercises for Crochet and Knitting

Holly Pitcher1 Comment

Crocheting, or Knitting for that matter, can wreak havoc on your fingers and wrists especially if you’re doing it for long hours at a time. On average  I usually spend about 4-5 hours a day crocheting. Though, during the fall/winter months that will double. Before I begin I exercise my fingers and wrists to help with pain and stiffness that can occur. I also take a break about every 45 minutes to perform these exercises again. It totally helps me and I hope it will help you as well!

Exercises for the Fingers

  • Place your Left pinkie finger in your right palm and press pinkie back repeat for all fingers then switch to your Right pinkie and repeat for each finger. Next take your thumb and press fingers into your palm and repeat for each hand.
  • Hold your hands in front of you and curl your fingers so they touch the bottom of your palm. Slowly uncurl them until they are once again straight. Repeat at least 5 times.
  • Spread your fingers as far apart as you can. Next bring them together forming a fist and squeeze. Repeat at least 5 times.
  • Use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to massage the web of the thumb on the other.
  • Twirl your thumbs in a circular motion.

Exercises for the Wrists

  • Hold your hands arms out to sides of your body and make a fist. Draw circles with your wrists while pressing your arms backwards.
  • Place your palms together (think yoga-prayer position) and push. Angle your wrists downwards with your elbows slightly up. Hold for a minute or so.
  • Lay the back of your hand on a flat surface, and press down lightly with your arm. Hold for a minute or so and repeat for other hand.
  • Bring your right hand up palm forward and place your left thumb on your wrist with your fingers placed on the back of your wrist. Using your thumb and fingers massage the bones and tendons that are in your wrist. Repeat for other wrist.

*Don’t forget to stretch your neck and your back as well. Every little bit helps!