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What we've been up to

Holly Pitcher2 Comments
My goodness time flies when you're having fun! I have been trying desperately to get caught up on orders and to prepare for the Queen Bee Market at the Snap Conference. In the mean time my little ones have been busy as well.

Bryce played in a little Basketball league and he did amazing. He still is a little shy and that equates to a lot of running around. I can't wait until he realizes that he is one amazing young man and takes the bulls by the horn to go after that ball!! Each year he gets closer and closer to that goal :)

A few years ago I dabbled in making these onesies for friends who were expecting. I was asked by my BFF's mom to make one for her friend and I was excited to do it. Took me a few tries to remember how I did it, but I thought it turned out super cute :) I was happy to see that I still had some sewing skills!

I can't believe that one year has passed and Bryce now has his Wolf. Cub scouts has done amazing things for him and I am so thankful for such an amazing program!!

Jayna and Bryce had their first piano recitals and I can't even explain how proud of them I am!! They did an awesome job and I was completely devastated to find out that my camera didn't record Bryce :(
Good thing we'll have another one in a couple of months!!!
The girls had to get to dance right after so they were dressed a little differently than everyone else, but I thought that added to the character of their pieces ;)

And that's a little snippet of what we've been up to.