Treasured by Holly


Holly Pitcher2 Comments
It seems like forever since I posted a WIWW. December usually looms chaotic at best and if it doesn't involve yarn it falls to the wayside. It is by far the busiest month of the year for me as I'm sure a lot of you can sympathize. Well I'm still digging myself out of December, but I found a couple of days where I actually remembered to take a picture :)

Random day: Errands

cardi - old navy
t-shirt - shade
jeans - gap
scarf/shoes - maurice's

These are my favorite part...clearance for $6.00 at Maurice's. I love them!!
Random day 2: boutique

t-shirt - banana republic
cardi - old navy
jeans - big star
flats - soda
scarf - pleated poppy

Here's to a new year and hopefully a lot more WIWW posts!!