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Monday Discoveries

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Great Finds To Start Your Week

Monday, Monday it’s almost time, don't be late!
The dash is on to decorate!
Among other things.

Sorry but my rhyming skills are only good for two lines, lol
If Mondays are not usually your favorite day,
I thought I'd make them a little brighter.
Each Monday I post a great new find.
With the help of Etsy and my new addiction Pinterest, of course.

This Monday it’s....
I found this challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101 on Pinterest and it immediately peeked my interest. When I looked at the details I knew it was something I could handle. I have completed week 1 of cleaning off the kitchen cabinets and sink.
The first challenge was to keep the sink/counter clean (basically clearing the dishes) at least twice a day. It was super easy til the weekend hit of course, lol. Week 2 is Kitchen Drawers & Kitchen Cabinet Organization. Luckily I have all week for this steps, baby steps!