Treasured by Holly

Holly Pitcher3 Comments

Anybody else feeling a little tight in the jeans area??? I told myself, back in October, that I was going to be careful over the holidays, but that declaration added up to 12.4 lbs, yikes. So here I am with the rest of the nation back in the "diet" saddle. I actually am not depressed about it because for the first time I can look back and say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. To me it was worth it. I had fun with my children making sweet treats, fun pit stops to DQ for mother/child talks and family parities full of food. I created memories and I can't complain about that.

But with that comes the struggle to get back down to goal. So here's my challenge...12.4 lbs in 12 weeks starting today. Totally doable just a little over 1 lb a week.  Anybody want to join me??? I'll post the recipes I'm using and some exercise tips that I am learning from my personal trainer. Oh did I mention I have one. Yeah birthday present to me back in November that I'm just starting to really utilize. Since my theme of the year is to simplify I'm quiting Curves and just working out at Gold's Gym. I don't need both, but I figured since I did my weight training at Curves I should learn what I need to be doing at Gold's. It will be nice to only have to go to one place. It will not only save me money, but gas and time as well ;) Can't complain about that!!

With my tips will come struggles and complaints so feel free to vent as well. We can do it together :) So here's to a new year and a new us, lol!!