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Picture perfect...

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Like the pic? I do!!! This is from one of the many vacations we took this summer. This one happens to be up at Bryce Canyon, Utah. The Hubby's work purchased a toy hauler for employee use so we made the trek north to enjoy the weekend. We invited Papa J and the horses to make the weekend complete. It is so beautiful up there and if you haven't been I definitely suggest making it a priority. We hiked, rode horses and relaxed. It was the perfect way to spend a summer weekend!!! Get ready for picture overload ;)

We went hiking along one of the equestrian trails and so these gnarly looking trees. Coolest thing ever!!!

Jayna along with the Hubby being silly. Took like 5 shots and each one was worse. They couldn't quite grasp the concept ;)

The one I want blown up for my wall...

Up in the canyon...beautiful!!

The kids getting a kick out of a cow pie, lol

While Maddie, Noah and I stayed to ride horses with Papa J, the Hubby took the other two to enjoy a hike in the canyon. I just love when I turn the camera over to him and see what they comes up with.

It was such a fun experience. The kids were a little nervous up in the canyon. Some of those drop offs were a little intimidating, but they overcame their fears and made the most of it. Better yet the trailer was like Christmas in August. Much better than a tent :)