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Giddy up ya'll...let's dance!

Holly PitcherComment
The annual Dixie Round-up just happened to fall on Miss Maddie's Birthday this year and boy did she want one whopper of a present. She wanted to ride in the arena before the rodeo. She has heard many stories of me doing that when I was her age and so she was determined to see it happen for her as well. In the last couple of months she has been able to ride the horses on bridle. We are so very proud of her and must say she looks darn cute on a horse. Because she was so new to riding by herself, I didn't know if Papa J would go for it. I told her she was old enough to ask him so she took her big beautiful imploring eyes to Papa J and he was all in. Not without his trepidations, of course. Love his horses, but they aren't usually calm when it comes to things like this. He wanted to make sure I would be there and would help if I was needed. I did not want to ride in front of all the town, but for Maddie how could I say no. It was her 11th birthday after all, lol.

Needless to say all went as well as could be expected. They weren't able to stay out there long because of the horses becoming a bit to excited, but she was happy either way. She's already planning next year's ride and how she'll be able to stay out even longer, lol. Gotta love the young at heart!

Along with the Round-up comes the rodeo parade and for the first time we had someone actually in it. We made the hard decision to switch Jayna from Westside Ballet to Super Steppers and the consequences of that are endless performances. I don't mind to much, actually, because it suits her personality far better. Well first on the performance docket was the parade. They had the cutest theme and Jayna was just so excited. A little worried about not getting any candy, but after a lot of assurances that we would all share the spoils, she was more than willing to jump on the float.

As she passed us I took about 25 pictures and this is the only one that she actually was looking at the crowd. The older dancers were performing on the street behind the float and it was like they put her into a trance. No waving, no smiling, nothing. She could not stop staring at them. When I asked her about it afterwards she just said that they were just so cool and she couldn't wait to dance just like them. It was so cute and I can't wait for that either!!