Treasured by Holly

Holly PitcherComment

Well this week didn't go as planned or maybe it did...depending on how I look at it. I totally sabotaged myself with no remorse and am actually sitting here eating M&M's as I type...sad I know, but no one else to blame but myself ;) and the stats reflect that. 1.8 lbs up, yikes!!! I have been doing so well and the main problem was the fact that now that I'm running again I let myself eat more than I should. These are the ups and downs of any weight loss journey and I know that it was about time. I can't be perfect forever (like I ever was), but starting now and yes I have put the M&M's away I will get back on track. So I'm going to put on some Paramore and mop some floors...that's a one way ticket to burning off those M&M's!!!

Do any of you out there ever feel like I did?!?! Or is it just me?