Treasured by Holly

Holly PitcherComment

Wahoo down 1.8 lbs!!! This week flew right past! I went to Zumba a couple of times and really had a lot of fun! I went to a studio that had hardly anyone I knew (which is good for me) and laughed a lot! I did a bit of dancing, but when your as uncoordinated as me it was a lot of just trying to get at least one part of my body to do what it's supposed to. Honestly, though...I'm sold and will definitely go back for more. My running is going great! Still doing the 2/1 mile rotation and might try this week to increase it. I don't know which one I will increase I'll just see how it goes ;)

I had a lot of fun this week! I went and saw Bill Cosby out at Tuachan and my sides still hurt from laughing so hard!! I also went and saw Red Riding Hood, which was a little more gory than I thought it was going to be so I"m on the fence with that one. Anyway here is to a new week, full of promise, and with the kiddos home...Spring Break fun!!!!