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Update: Teeth Brushing Policy

Holly Pitcher24 Comments
I was getting sick of reminding the kids to brush their teeth all the time so for the new school year I instated a policy to make my life a little easier. This is what I came up with...

Here's the skinny...every time they brush their teeth they get to place a fuzzy in their bucket. When their bucket is full they get to pick a prize from a box full of goodies. Let me tell you this has been the most amazing thing I have ever come up with!! The kids love it and all these many months later are still going strong!! Of course, we have had to have many talks about staying honest, but for the most part there haven't been any other problems. The biggest motivator for them is each other. As soon as someone gets to pick a prize the others get super motivated to get there's full. I must say I am actually looking forward to the dentist next week ;)