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Time off

Holly Pitcher4 Comments
I have really been enjoying my time off! I must say it is just nice to have a whole day where I'm not thinking of deadlines and yarn. I wanted to take some time and get my house back in order. Every day this week I am taking one room of the house and organizing. hot spot. The last part of the year there is always a big push and everything gets tossed on any available spot. And if it's not available the stacks start until my space looks like this....

Now granted this was after I started tossing stuff on the floor and pulling stuff out of cupboards that I decided I should get a picture, but you get the idea. Well four hours and one giant garbage bag later I have accomplished today's goal...

The best part is I actually organized most of my yarn by color and style.

These are only two of the cupboards...all but 2 are filled with yarn. Scary thought huh!! But doesn't it look so nice and neat? Now I just have to wait for the Kids and Hubby to come home and go through their piles. Thankfully this should last until next Christmas season when everything gets out of whack again ;)