Treasured by Holly

Holly PitcherComment

Stats for the week...down .4 lbs. Total loss 4 lbs. This week was a total bust so I'm definitely proud that I was in the loss column instead of the gain!!! We were in and out of the doctors office all week and I had several deadlines for photoshoots which when added together made for a lot of emotional eating. As soon as stress hits I eat pretty much anything in site and if its not I make it. Cookies anyone?

Logic says that's when I should take a walk, but it has been so cold here I can hardly take it. I know it is nothing compared to what is going on east of here, but I'll admit it...I'm a pansy! I will say that because of the cold I tried my first P90x video. I just did the Yoga and it still hurts to move and in places I never knew existed. Who knew yoga could be so intense! Does it get any easier???

Goals for this week...pretty much the same ones as last week. Stay within my points range and making a menu (which I did accomplish), but actually sticking to it ;)