Treasured by Holly


Holly PitcherComment
So way back in September Boo, Bug, and I hitched a ride with Mama and Papa J to visit my sister and her family in Arizona. They had recently moved there so that her husband could attend dental school. It was a fun little get away and at the time I thought where I lived was super hot! Holy cow Arizona was HOT!!! It was fun to hang out and visit a place I had never been. We drove all over so that I could get a lay of the land and I couldn't believe all the cool stores! And yes I did visit a couple yarn stores ;) I had just purchased my camera and so most of the weekend was spent taking pictures and fiddling with settings. I was in heaven!!

These cute little girls are the "thumb" sucking queens! Of course Isabel prefers two fingers instead of one, but you get the idea! As soon as I looked over and saw them, I coudn't help but snap the picture. Two peas in a pod!! Cole (my nephew) was my little shadow the whole visit. It was fun to spend some time with him, without my big kids there or it probably would have never happened! He is super smart and so helpful...all I have to say is my big Sis has her work cut out for her with that one ;)

Pretty much the entire weekend was spent jumping on the tramp. From the minute the kids were up till bedtime they were out there! It was perfect for me, since I was practicing with my camera. All I had to do was hang out in a lawn chair and snap away!

Sunday we were able to drive down and visit the Temple. It was so beautiful and a perfect way to spend the sabbath!!!

I couldn't believe all of the flowers and especially the fruit trees surrounding it. It was truly an amazing place!! All in all it was a great weekend full of fun and laughter! I can't wait til we can take the whole family for a visit!!