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Headband in Light Sage

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I had a custom order the other day and I absolutely fell in love with it. Just because I own a lot of colors doesn't mean that I have seen them all made up in to wonderful creations. This tying Headband is made in Light Sage. It is a discontinued color so I have limited stock and I'm kicking myself for not trying to order more before it was gone. Oh well, I will just have to enjoy it while I can ;)

Her full order was just as adorable and I can only imagine how they will all look in a picture


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Well I dove head first into creating Mohawk beanies. My friend wanted one really bad so I indulged. When in Boston last month I found the cutest little yarn shop on Newbury street. They had the perfect yarn for this hat and I was super excited to get it. Well, now that I've created the hat I need to find a supplier so that I can make more. I can't be flying to Boston every time I want to make it. Though that would be super fine with me since I love a good vacation!! So until I find a great supplier this hat may be a one hit wonder ;)

Thanks Heather for the great pics!!

Cutest little bundle!!

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My friend's little bundle of joy arrived a few weeks ago and I was super excited to make her some things for his first shoot. He is just too precious and I just love how they turned out!!! The first two aren't up in my store yet, but believe me they will be by the end of the weekend ;)

Earflap Beanie

Newborn Elf Hat

Charcoal Grey Newsboy Cap

Classic Beauty!

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I received a picture from one of my clients showcasing my work as well as hers! I just love when I can get pictures of my products! We all know that pictures are worth a thousand words and this photo is the epitome of that!

That's why this year, New Year's resolution #1 is to take/get more pictures of my products in action. I have over a 125 products listed and way more sitting at home waiting their turn. This will be no small feat I am aware, but worth the time. It will help my business as well as those purchasing my products in how to wear them. Today I am going to make the rest of my resolutions and get my plan in action ;)

If you're interested in seeing more of Christine's work head on over to her website. She is simply amazing!!!! Here's the link:

Recent Orders

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I have had quite a few custom orders lately and I am loving it! Custom orders to me are so great because I love to see other peoples creativity flowing. Plus it helps me in my quest for new color combinations. My mind is constantly in color overload and it's nice to have a change of pace once in awhile. I thought I would post a few of the most recent, Enjoy!

These last three are for a photoshoot in New Jersey and I can't wait for those results. Should be awesome!